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Wagashi Making + Tea Ceremony Class

Making Wagashi is a simple and sweet way to get to know Japan.

  • 2 hr
  • 15,000円
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

In this wagashi making and tea ceremony experience, you will learn how to make mochi (rice cakes) using glutinous rice flour. Using the mochi you will learn how to make seasonal "nerikiri wagashi"—traditional Japanese sweets. We'll start off with the dough making then you will color and shape the dough into a seasonal motif. After you've made the wagashi, you are able to taste your creations with a bowl of matcha green tea or take them with you in a box. [Tea Ceremony] The Japanese tea ceremony is a centuries-old tradition closely tied to Zen Buddhist principles, and a popular way to experience Japanese culture. There are several variations on this ritual. At its base, powdered green tea (matcha) is prepared and served in accordance with strict rules. Oftentimes, wagashi (Japanese sweets) is served alongside the bitter green tea. [Michiyo - Wagashi Instructor] Hi, my name is Michiyo. I've been teaching wagashi in my home town called Iwanai for 10 years. I've been working for child-care so I also know how to teach children to enjoy this course as well. Let's enjoy Wagashi & Tea ceremony! [Price] Adults 15,000JPY (+10% tax) Kids 7,500JPY (+10% tax)

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